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Welcome to The Cabin

The Cabin aims to be a melting pot of creativity, learning, and wellness. From art and music classes to fitness programs and support groups, there's something for everyone to engage with.

More than just a building; The Cabin aims to be the heart and soul of this thriving town.

The Cabin is Northstowe’s temporary community centre. Nestled on the Green at the entrance to phase one of our new town. After a period with no community facility, we are grateful to South Cambs District Council for providing this facility. In collaboration with local organizations and authorities, the centre offers a wide range of workshops, classes and activities. A place to foster a sense of belonging and unity among residents

Have you visited the Cabin yet?

We have a varied range of groups and activities using the centre throughout the week

Find out what's on in the Cabin...

The Cabin features a number of versatile and multifunctional spaces, designed to cater to the diverse interests and needs of Northstowe’s residents.

The foyer space including Cafe and Micro Library are open to the public 9:30am-4:30pm Tues-Thursday. Come and borrow a book or have a coffee.

Better still why not come along to the Hub Cafe on a Wednesday or Sunday for a warm welcome from one of our volunteers

Want to book a space?

The Cabin has 2 assembly rooms which can be hired out for activities and 2 offices which can be booked for meetings. Trestle tables and chairs are available. Bookings are all managed by SCDC

Visit SCDC's Site for Bookings and Hire Charges

The Cabin is managed by a board comprising representatives from South Cambs District Council, Cambridgeshire County Council, Northstowe Town Council and Northstowe Hub. It meets on a monthly basis to discuss booking requests, maintenance, standard operating procedures for the Community Centre and any risks or issues that may arise

As Northstowe Hub we will engage regularly with the many community groups, faith groups and other users to ensure all voices in our community are heard and represented.