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Hub Café

The Northstowe Hub Café is a not-for-profit community café run by volunteers in the café space within the foyer of the temporary community centre.

Its desired outcomes are to:

  1. Provide space for social contact to combat isolation by creating a suitable and attractive environment for people to meet.
  2. Offer affordable refreshments and simple snack items, whilst remaining sustainable. The priority is serving people and the community, not generating a profit.
  3. Encourage other activities to develop and promote those already happening in and around the temporary community centre.
  4. Source products with a mind to supporting local business, promoting fair trade and sustainability.

Initially, the Hub Café will open 9am-12.30pm every Wednesday, with the aim to increase this as demand and volunteers allow.

Get Involved!

Volunteer at the community center to make a positive impact, forge connections, and empower others while gaining valuable insights and enriching your life. Join the vibrant, compassionate community today.